PE Fusion, LLC

We have been in business for 15 years. PE Fusion, LLC was began in November 1999, but the equipment we build and run was started in the 80s. George Rakes, the inventor of the enclosed cab fusion machine concept, was a PVC pipe contractor in North Dakota and Montana. The cold winters were hard on his crew, so he decided to build a self-propelled cab concept, where his polypipe fusion crew could stay out of the harsh weather, but be able to provide a higher quality and more consistent fuse. His idea worked wonderfully!

Having been in business for 15 years, PE Fusion has fused a lot of pipe, over 100,000,000 ft pipe to be exact. It’s all we do and our crews are second to none. Most of our fusing technicians are owners of stock in the company. When we show up to the job, you will usually be dealing directly with an owner of the company. He will complete the project like a true professional, providing quality and prompt work, ensuring future sales.

Today, the crews at PE Fusion run 15 enclosed cabs, which we build in our own shop. Our fusion equipment can work on pipe up to 36″. Our largest pipe fusion machine, nicknamed “Big Bertha” is a 24″ machine, can put down 2000 ft of 24″ SDR 11 on a daily basis. We build our equipment to run reliably, quickly, and consistently, fuse after fuse. Our fusion crews are trained to be the best, with little room for error.

It is safe to say, PE Fusion has fused for every major oil and gas company in the United States. Our reputation speaks for itself and most of our clients refer us to other clients and contractors. Our quality work is what has gotten us where we are today. PE Fusion has expanded from our small beginnings in Gillette, Wyoming, to having facilities and crews in Stanley, ND, Fort Collins, CO, and Midland, TX. Our services are available nationwide and we can quote work anywhere in the United States from any of our locations.

For more information about our PVC pipe fusion services or to request an estimate, call us today at 307-682-7659 or 307-680-9865.

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