PE Fusion, LLC was formed in November, 1999, with the purchase of the patents and 3 machines from George Rake, of Billings, Montana. George was the builder of the first “Original”, enclosed cab, fast fusion machine. Since then PE Fusion has built 12 more machines, including “Big Bertha”, a 24″ enclosed cab pipe fusion machine, with the capability of doing over 2000 feet of 24″ SDR 11 per day!

Our professional pipe fusion equipment includes:

  • 14-12″-20″ PE Fusion Machines
  • 1-20″-24″ PE Fusion Machine
  • 3-36″ McElroy Tracstar Fusion Machines
  • 2-36″ McElroy Fusion Carts
  • 2-24″ McElroy Fusion Carts
  • 6-20″ McElroy Tracstar Fusion Machines
  • 1-18″ McElroy Tracstar Fusion Machine
  • 8-12″ McElroy Fusion Carts
  • 5- McElroy DL5 Data Loggers with GPS

We are capable of taking on all kinds of jobs, from small poly pipe irrigation projects to extremely large industrial projects. For more information about our nationwide professional pipe fusion services, call us at 307-682-7659.

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